John Mitford

Standard Name: Mitford, John,, 1782 - 1831


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Health Mary Lamb
Mary herself, her brother Charles, and the general public all accepted that at the moment of the killing she had not known what she was doing. Charles was relieved from nameless fears when a week...
Health Mary Lamb
This may well have been brought on by John Wilson Rogers 's report, A Statement of the Cruelties, Abuses and Frauds, Which are Practised in Mad-Houses, 1815, which dealt with the institution that ML
Health Priscilla Wakefield
A report into abuses at a private madhouse at Hoxton, John Mitford 's Description of the Crimes and Horrors, 1825, describes the fate of a Mrs. Wakefield, the authoress of many good books...


John Mitford published A Description of the Crimes and Horrors in the Interior of Warburton 's Private Mad-House at Hoxton, Commonly Called Whitmore House: in one of these the writer Mary Lamb had been confined.