Henrietta Bingham

Standard Name: Bingham, Henrietta


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Cultural formation Dora Carrington
She considered her relationship with Bingham , and her own complicated femaleness and sexuality, in a letter of 1925 to Gerald Brenan . I think H[enrietta] although she gave me nothing else, gave a clue...
Family and Intimate relationships Dora Carrington
DC met and was intrigued by Henrietta Bingham , an American woman studying at the London School of Economics; the two had a brief but passionate affair.
Gerzina, Gretchen. Carrington: A Life of Dora Carrington, 1893-1932. John Murray, 1989.
Textual Production Dora Carrington
In April 1926, Carrington wrote to Gerald Brenan asking him to return the diary she had kept on her love affair with Henrietta Bingham , as she was planning to write a temps perdu, beginning...


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