William Maginn

Standard Name: Maginn, William


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Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
Friends of LEL began receiving anonymous letters suggesting that she was having an adulterous affair with William Maginn .
Stephenson, Glennis. Letitia Landon: The Woman Behind L.E.L. Manchester University Press, 1995.
Family and Intimate relationships L. E. L.
Spiteful rumours resurfaced about her relationship with William Jerdan , and there are reports that William Maginn circulated some compromising letters she had written. Forster pressed her to marry immediately, but instead she broke off...
Literary responses Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer-Lytton, first Baron Lytton
Bulwer's Newgate novels were insistently skewered by William Maginn , and after 1836 by Thackeray , in Fraser's Magazine.
Sutherland, John. The Stanford Companion to Victorian Fiction. Stanford University Press, 1989.
Paul Clifford and Bulwer's later Lucretia (1846, based on an actual poisoning case) were singled...
Literary responses Anna Maria Hall
The August 1831 review in Fraser's Magazine, possibly penned by Irish writer William Maginn , accused AMH of plagiarism—claiming that her story The Rapparee was uncomfortably similar to Bulwer Lytton 's Paul Clifford.
Keane, Maureen. Mrs. S.C. Hall: A Literary Biography. Colin Smythe, 1997.
8, 234
Literary responses Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
The only extended notice of this very interesting work was William Maginn 's hatchet job in Fraser's Magazine, which took Morgan's literary inadequacy for granted, and mercilessly ridiculed both her gender and her nationality...
Publishing Sydney Owenson, Lady Morgan
Before this book appeared, Morgan quarrelled with Colburn over his advertising policy, and sold her manuscript to Saunders and Otley for a thousand pounds. In revenge, Colburn advertised against it, and offered to dispose of...
Textual Production Harriet Downing
She had contributed More Poets on the Ice on 25 February 1835 to Leigh Hunt 's short-lived London Journal.
C19: The Nineteenth Century Index.
The anonymity of the series of nurse memoirs tantalized readers; it had a thousand and...


February 1830
The first issue of Fraser's Magazine for Town and Country was published by James Fraser of Regent Street, London.