Dorothy Leigh

Standard Name: Leigh, Dorothy
Birth Name: Dorothy Kempe
Married Name: Dorothy Leigh
Of the seventeenth-century authors of mothers' legacies for their children, DL was the earliest to reach print, and probably the most morally and theologically focussed. Writing for sons, not daughters, she gives clear and firm instructions about personal conduct (choosing a wife, for example) and about making a contribution to the community of Christian people, either by becoming a minister or by praying for better preaching and better leadership. Her work includes an accomplished poem.


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Reception Elizabeth Joscelin
EJ has, curiously, attracted less critical attention than Dorothy Leigh (whom Sylvia Brown believes to have been an influence on her writing)
Leigh, Dorothy, Elizabeth Joscelin, and Elizabeth Richardson. Women’s Writing in Stuart England. Brown, SylviaEditor , Sutton, 1999.
or Elizabeth Richardson , but Teresa Feroli published an article on her...
Textual Features Elizabeth Grymeston
EG 's prefatory epistle offers advice on the conduct of his life to her son Bernye, and further good counsel is prominent. This book (which also includes poems and prayers) is both the earliest extant...


An anonymous book appeared at London entitled A Mothers Teares over Hir Seduced Sonne (seduced not sexually but by the Catholic faith away from the Protestant).
By 1630
Scottish book-collector, letter-writer, and possibly poet Lilias Grant had a catalogue compiled of her library of twenty-eight mostly pious books, including The Mothers Blessing by Dorothy Leigh (first published in 1616).