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W. B. Yeats, who began publishing well before the end of the nineteenth century, is regarded as one of the most important twentieth-century poets in English, and one of the most international of Irish writers. He was early involved in the Irish Literary Revival, and wrote early, highly romantic lyrics on Celtic and fairy themes. Later he made poetry out of the search for a poetic language. Some of his later work is affected by his interest in the occult.
13 June 1865 William Butler Yeats, Irish poet and playwright, was born in Sandymount, a suburb of Dublin. Bibliographic Citation link.
March 1885 WBY published his first poem, "Mosada: A Dramatic Poem", in the Dublin University Review. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 February 1928 WBY published The Tower, a volume containing several of his best-known poems—such as "Sailing to Byzantium", "Among School Children", and "Leda and the Swan". Bibliographic Citation link.
28 January 1939 WBY, Irish poet and playwright, died at Roquebrune near Menton in the South of France. Bibliographic Citation link.
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