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Ann Yearsley became famous at the outset of her career as a primitive or untaught poet: a role she herself rejected in the course of a bitter row with her patron Hannah More. She went on to publish without the help of patrons, and to add a play and a novel to her poetry. Her letters remained unpublished. Though actually far from uneducated (she packs her poems with literary allusions), she is a writer who lays less emphasis on formal structures or conventions than on sturdy individualism and on the Romantic outpouring of emotion.
Shortly before 15 July 1753 AY was born at Clifton, near Bristol, a beautiful spot, later important in her poetry. Bibliographic Citation link.
Before 11 June 1785 AY published Poems, on Several Occasions, with the help and patronage of Hannah More, who raised a thousand subscribers for the volume. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 14 May 1796 AY published her last collection of poems, The Rural Lyre. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 May 1806 AY died at Melksham in Wiltshire, where her son was a leading member of the community. Bibliographic Citation link.
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