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Susanna Wright, early American poet and woman of letters, was writing throughout the middle years of the eighteenth century. She did not preserve her letters or poems, and comparatively few have survived, though the known number has been mounting as scholarly interest has increased. Some poems may have been published in magazines, but if so they have not been identified. Her oeuvre probably deserves a poetic standing equal to that of several of her female contemporaries. The work that she did publish was largely practical, such as her well-known treatise on raising silkworms.
4 August 1697 SW, future American poet, was born in Warrington, Lancashire, England, the eldest child in her family. She had seven younger siblings. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 December 1784 SW died at Wright's Ferry, Pennsylvania, aged eighty-seven. Bibliographic Citation link.
1804 SW's "Directions for the Management of Silk-worms" was posthumously published in the Philadelphia Medical and Physical Journal. Bibliographic Citation link.
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