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Anna Williams was an eighteenth-century translator and poet. Best-known among her slender oeuvre is a miscellany or anthology of contemporary poems. Her projected dictionary of scientific terms remained unwritten.
1706 AW was born at Rosemarket in Pembrokeshire, five miles west of Haverfordwest in Wales. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1750 The Gentleman's Magazine published proposals, written for AW by Samuel Johnson, for a miscellany or collection of poems and essays which would include her own work along with some pieces by other people. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 April 1766 AW's Miscellanies in Prose and Verse was finally published by subscription through the firm of Thomas Davies, sixteen years after the first printed proposals for it. Bibliographic Citation link.
6 September 1783 AW died at 8 Bolt Court near Fleet Street in London of "mere inanition" , Bibliographic Citation link. in the lodgings of Samuel Johnson. She had been suffering "inappetence", Bibliographic Citation link. eating very little, for some time. Bibliographic Citation link.
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