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Anna Wickham was a prolific poet of the earlier twentieth century: in addition to several hundred published poems, more than a thousand remain unpublished. Bibliographic Citation link. Her poems, with their unique blend of acerbity and lyricism, offer an explicitly female, often feminist, perspective on subjects ranging from marriage and motherhood to poetry itself. Louis Untermeyer has commented that "[t]he very tone of her poetry reflects the disturbed music and the nervous protests of her age." Bibliographic Citation link. Despite his and others' efforts, her poetry has received scant critical attention over the years. In addition to poetry, Anna Wickham wrote an unfinished autobiography and a handful of essays, some of which were published posthumously.
7 May 1883 Edith Alice May Harper (known as AW) was born near London, at 5 The Ridgeway, Wimbledon. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
16 June 1938 AW, along with seven other women, drew up a manifesto for 'The League for the Protection of the Imagination of Women'. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 April 1947 AW hanged herself at her house on Parliament Hill in Hampstead.  Bibliographic Citation link.
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