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Dorothy Whipple was a popular and successful serious novelist from the 1920s to the 1950s, who also published short stories and a delightful childhood autobiography, and from whose notebooks a form of adult literary autobiography was compiled after her death. She lived all her life in Blackburn, Lancashire (where most of her fiction is set), and Yorkshire. Although forays to London kept her in touch with the literary world of her day, her provincial status was probably a factor in her quick descent into critical oblivion, even while her novels were regularly reprinted. The most recent wave of reprints has brought her name before the public again but has not as yet generated a critical dialogue.
26 February 1893 Dorothy Stirrup (later Whipple) was born at 9 Edgeware Road in Blackburn, Lancashire, the second of eight children of whom six lived to grow up. Bibliographic Citation link.
1953 DW's Someone at a Distance, her final novel and her only one not set in or around Blackburn or Nottingham, is seen by Nicola Beauman as her most important book. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 September 1966 DW died of a stroke at the Royal Infirmary, Blackburn. Bibliographic Citation link.
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