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Agnes Wheeler was one of several women who wrote during the eighteenth century about dialect forms of English. She published two books and left unpublished writings as well. She wrote plays and sketches of local life, and shows skill both in the story and the dialogue form. Only one published book by her is known, though she refers to a number of works in manuscript.
Soon before 3 July 1734 Agnes Coward (later AW) was born at Church Town, Cartmel in Lancashire; this was the day of her christening. Bibliographic Citation link.
By October 1790 AW published, under her initials, The Westmorland Dialect. The text was published at Kendal and dedicated to James Wearing, Esq., of Knowsley. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
2 November 1804 AW died, aged sixty-nine or seventy, at Arnside Tower near Beetham in Westmorland. Bibliographic Citation link.
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