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Rebecca West rose to fame early (before the First World War) through her witty, acerbic journalism. In addition to numerous essays and reviews, she wrote about a dozen novels, short stories, political analyses, a classic travel book, and works of literary criticism. Her journalism remains an important commentary on the contemporary women's movement, offering both strong intellectual support and trenchant satire. She is known for her pungency of phrase; on occasion she was more eager for a phrase to strike shockingly home than for it to withstand criticism.
21 December 1892 Cicily Isabel Fairfield (later RW) was born in London. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 October 1941 RW published Black Lamb and Grey Falcon, her famous travel book about the Balkans. Bibliographic Citation link.
February 1982 RW published 1900, an informal historical account of the year, emphasising politics and the arts. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 March 1983 RW died of pneumonia at her home, 48 Kingston House North, at the edge of Hyde Park, at the age of ninety. Bibliographic Citation link.
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