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Evelyn Waugh was a twentieth-century novelist whose startling black humour goes together with devastating satire and a low estimate of unredeemed human nature (whether he is fictionalizing the failings of other people or of himself). He is remembered not only for his novels but for his prolific journalism, travel writing, biography and autobiography, and for his posthumously published letters and diaries. His resolutely unmodernised Catholicism and his Toryism (more social and romantic than political) were not always beneficial to his work and until well after his death inflicted serious damage to his literary reputation, making him a bugbear to a generally liberal intellectual establishment.
28 October 1903 EW, novelist, was born at 11 Hillfield Road, West Hampstead, London, the younger of two brothers by five and a half years.  Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1928 EW published Decline and Fall, his first novel. Several sexually risqué passages were toned down at the request of his publishers, Chapman, but he restored them in a second edition. Bibliographic Citation link.
28 May 1945 EW's novel Brideshead Revisited appeared: his most serious fiction to date, confronting spirituality, death, and mortal sin, but also eulogizing an upper-class, country-house life which seemed about to disappear Bibliographic Citation link.
By early September 1964 Approaching the end of his life, EW published an autobiography, A Little Learning (whose title comes from Alexander Pope, recommending either substantial learning or none at all). Bibliographic Citation link.
Easter Sunday, 10 April 1966 EW, novelist, died of a massive coronary at his home, Combe Florey in Somerset. Bibliographic Citation link.
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