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Ann Wall, evidently a writer of some ability, is remarkable chiefly for the sensational nature of her single known text, which is the apparently autobiographical (though just possibly fictional) record of her survival of physical abuse by her father (in modern terms a trauma narrative), which was published in 1771. She includes verses in it here and there, and had the intention of publishing a volume of poetry, which, however, is not known.
AW does not give the date when she was born: depending on her age when she wrote, it must have been in the fairly early or mid eighteenth century. She does say she was born on her mother's own birthday, which was apparently also the date on which her mother died. Bibliographic Citation link. She says she was the middle one of three sisters, of whom the youngest died before this time; she had two younger, illegitimate half-brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
By December 1771 AW's autobiographical The Life of Lamenther: A True History, was published by subscription. As an apparently factual record of her abuse by her father, it is a unique text. Bibliographic Citation link.
The date of her death is unknown; it could have been at any date after her publication.
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