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Alice Walker is an African-American writer and activist, who began publishing in the late 1960s and is best known for her novel The Color Purple. As well as other novels, she publishes or has published poems, short stories, essays, and journalism, and has produced a biography for children. All are linked by her passionate activism on a range of related social and political topics. Over the course of her career she has drawn fire both from white commentators for alleged bias in favour of her black characters, and from black commentators for allegedly bringing blacks into disrepute by unflattering depictions of them.
9 February 1944 AW was born in a "tiny sharecropper's shack" Bibliographic Citation link. in the hamlet of Wards Chapel near Eatonton, Georgia. She was the youngest of eight children, with two elder sisters and five elder brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 February 1959 On her fifteenth birthday AW dedicated a scrapbook of mementoes, including her own poems and stories, to "those who have inspired me most": her mother, father, sister Ruth, an uncle and several teachers. Bibliographic Citation link.
By April 1982 AW scored an immense success with her best-selling epistolary novel The Color Purple. It takes the form of letters from its protagonist, Celie, first to God and later to her sister Nettie. Bibliographic Citation link.
18 December 1985 Steven Spielberg's immensely controversial and immensely successful movie of AW's The Color Purple was released. Bibliographic Citation link.
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