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Joan Vokins, a late-seventeenth-century Quaker preacher, is best known for her autobiography; she also left letters addressed to individuals and epistles officially addressed to Quaker communities.
The details of JV's birth are not known. The Oxford Dictionary of National Biography suggests a date of around 1630, a guess based on the date she bore her eldest child. Bibliographic Citation link.
1671 JV published a tract or epistle entitled A Loving Advertisement. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 July 1690 JV died on her way from London to Berkshire, having got as far as Reading, "having finished her course, and kept the faith," as the title-page of her work reminded its readers. Bibliographic Citation link.
1691 JV's letters and autobiography were posthumously published in God's Mighty Power Magnified: As Manifested and Revealed in His Faithful Handmaid Joan Vokins. Bibliographic Citation link.
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