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Perhaps more than any other person in the twentieth century, Evelyn Underhill was responsible for fanning interest in and shaping the study of mysticism. Most of her works draw on her extensive knowledge of mystical texts from various times and places—knowledge that she uses to rescue the practice of mysticism from its antique, occult associations and argue for its applicability to modern life. In about four decades, she issued thirty-nine full-length volumes and over 350 shorter pieces. Bibliographic Citation link. Though she is best known for her books and articles on mysticism, Evelyn Underhill also wrote short stories, novels, poetry, devotional works, book reviews, and biographies. In addition, she edited and supplied prefatory pieces to several religious texts, and translated medieval folk tales.
6 December 1875 EU was born at Graisley Hill, 183 Penn Road, in Wolverhampton in Staffordshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 March 1911 EU published the work for which she is primarily remembered: Mysticism: A Study in the Nature and Development of Man's Spiritual Consciousness. Bibliographic Citation link.
By late 1936 EU published Worship, a vanguard study in comparative religion that examines the "relation to God which our devotional action is intended to express." Bibliographic Citation link. It was her last major work. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 June 1941 EU died at her home at 12 Hampstead Square from a cerebral haemorrage. Bibliographic Citation link.
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