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Margaret Tyler wrote and published, in the later sixteenth century, an English translation of a large segment of a still larger Spanish romance of chivalry, together with comments on her own authorship in relation to her sex and age, in her dedication and prefatory remarks. She has been credited with two firsts: she was the first woman in England to publish a romance, albeit not original, and the first English translator of Spanish romance to work from the original and not from a French intermediary.
MT's reference to her "aged years" may or may not carry a modern sense. Women at this time were led to think of themselves as old once they were past childbearing; on the other hand life expectancy, for those who survived the childbearing years, was high. In any case MT was probably born before 1530 (making her older, rather than younger, than Queen Elizabeth).
4 August 1578 MT's translation of a Spanish romance by Diego Ortúñez de Calahorra, The Mirrour of Princely Deedes and Knighthood, was entered in the Stationers' Register. Bibliographic Citation link.
The career of MT's dedicatee must have been largely in the future when she died, at some unknown date after her publication. Nor is it known if she was still alive in 1598, when other hands took up the translation of the Calahorra romance which she had begun.
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