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French writer Flora Tristan refused to limit herself to 'feminine' genres, and her writing enjoyed limited success during her lifetime. She did, however, gain a degree of notoriety through the drama of her life, which culminated in her husband's attempt to murder her. Flora Tristan's political pamphlets and travel narratives, published in Paris, promote her views regarding the oppression of women and the working classes, advocate reform, and advance early feminist theory. Her Promenades dans Londres analyses early Victorian British parlimentary and social systems in order to compare them with those of France.
7 April 1803 FT was born in Paris to Anne-Pierre Laisnay and Mariano de Tristan Moscoso. Bibliographic Citation link.
July 1835 FT's first political pamphlet, Nécessité de faire un bon accueil aux femmes étrangères (On the need to extend a warm welcome to foreign women), was published in Paris by Delaunay. Bibliographic Citation link.
16 May 1840 The Paris firm Delloye issued FT's Promenades dans Londres (often translated as London Journals), which aims to "[point] out the evils of the English system so that we on the Continent might strive to avoid them." Bibliographic Citation link.
1844 During the last year of her life, FT wrote a diary of her travels through France working to establish workers' unions.. Bibliographic Citation link.
14 November 1844 FT died of typhoid at the age of forty-one at Bordeaux in France. Bibliographic Citation link.
1973 FT's diary of her 'Tour of France', written in 1844, appeared almost 130 years later as Le tour de France: état actuel de la classe ouvrière sous l'aspect moral, intellectuel, matériel from Editions Tête de feuilles, Paris. Bibliographic Citation link.
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