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Melesina Trench, an Anglo-Irishwoman writing from the later eighteenth century and publishing from the early nineteenth, was in one way a typical upper-class amateur writer, whose output was mostly diaries and letters, published after her death by a son. She entertained serious literary aspirations, however. Her private writings are carefully crafted; she left a draft autobiography; and she published her own poetry in several volumes, and a series of pamphlets, locally printed, on social and political subjects.
22 March 1768 Melesina Chenevix (later MT) was born in Dublin, an only child. Bibliographic Citation link.
1800 Melesina St George (later MT) issued as 'a Lady', through John Stockdale, her earliest known published work, Mary, Queen of Scots, an Historical Ballad, With Other Poems. Bibliographic Citation link.
24 January 1827 The last extant letter that MT wrote was to the widower of Mary Leadbeater (the writer having died six months before). Bibliographic Citation link.
27 May 1827 MT died at Malvern in Worcestershire. Bibliographic Citation link.
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