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Charlotte Elizabeth Tonna was a prolific writer of poems, novels, children's books and religious tracts during the early nineteenth century, as well as a periodical editor. She was extremely popular in her day as a didactic author of texts for children, but is now mostly remembered for her writing on the negative effects of the Industrial Revolution. She is forthright and passionate in her denunciation of the effects on women of waged industrial employment, "the monstrous abuse of forcing the female to forsake her proper sphere." Bibliographic Citation link.
1 October 1790 Elizabeth Browne (later CET) was born in Norwich. Bibliographic Citation link.
1819 Under a pseudonymous description, the future CET published at Hythe in Kent Poems Founded on the Events of the War in the Peninsula, describing herself on the title-page as 'the Wife of an Officer'.. Bibliographic Citation link.
1841 CET's innovative industrial novel Helen Fleetwood was published in volume form by R. B. Seeley and W. Burnside. Bibliographic Citation link.
1843 CET's final substantial work of fiction, Judah's Lion, was published in the same year that she treated one of its topics, the conversion of the Jews, in her pamphlet Israel's Ordinances. Bibliographic Citation link.
12 July 1846 CET died of breast cancer at Ramsgate in Kent, where she is buried. Bibliographic Citation link.
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