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Elizabeth Sophia Tomlins published four novels and a (collaborative) book of poems during the last two decades of the eighteenth century. She was also said to have written translation and contributions to periodicals.
By 27 February 1763 EST was born in London, second of an "innumerable" family Bibliographic Citation link. (of which two brothers and four sisters are recorded). Bibliographic Citation link.
Mid January 1785 EST titled her first novel The Conquests of the Heart and published it as by 'a Young Lady'. Both the London edition and a Dublin one from the same year are now extremely rare. Bibliographic Citation link.
About 19 December 1786 EST's second novel, The Victim of Fancy, published as by 'a Lady', appeared, post-dated 1787. It was epistolary and highly sentimental, composed in response to the cult of Goethe's (translated) The Sorrows of Werter. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 June 1798 EST for the first time set her name to her next and final novel, Rosalind de Tracey. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 August 1828 EST died of an "apparent fainting fit" at Chaldon in Surrey. She had had a fall from a pony the day before, and may probably have died of concussion. Bibliographic Citation link.
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