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Under two successive pseudonyms, Elizabeth Thomas, b. 1771, was both novelist and poet. Late in life she explained that during her youth, in the days of the great Romantics, publishing poetry took more confidence than she possessed, though she smuggled some of it into her novels as chapter-headings.
Shortly before 7 October 1771 Elizabeth Wolferstan (later Elizabeth Thomas) was born at Berry House near Hartland in Devon. Bibliographic Citation link.
1803 Elizabeth Thomas published her first novel, not as 'Mrs. Bridget Bluemantle' (her best-known pseudonym) but as 'Mrs. Martha Homely'. It was entitled Maids As They Are Not, and Wives As They Are. Bibliographic Citation link.
By October 1816 With Purity of Heart; or, The Ancient Costume. A Tale (and with a different publisher and different pseudonym), Elizabeth Thomas entered the specific battle-ground surrounding Byron and Lady Caroline Lamb. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 June 1855 Elizabeth Thomas died of bronchitis at Parkham in North Devon.
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