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Tabitha Tenney, who lived in New England through the time of the American Revolution, published in 1799 (perhaps) and 1801, and lived for another thirty-six years apparently without further writerly activity, was the certain author of a fascinating novel about a woman led astray by her novel-reading, and the probable compiler of a pedagogic anthology.
7 April 1762 Tabitha Gilman (later TT) was born in Exeter, New Hampshire, her parents' eldest child (though she had an uncertain number of elder half-siblings). Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1799 A pedagogic anthology appeared at Boston entitled The New Pleasing Instructor: or, Young Lady's Guide to Virtue and Happiness and ascribed to 'a Lady'. It is probably by TT. Bibliographic Citation link.
Probably early 1801 TT's single novel, Female Quixotism, Exhibited in the Romantic Opinions and Extravagant Adventures of Dorcasina Sheldon (dated at the end 8 July 1800), was published in Boston. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 May 1837 TT died in Exeter, New Hampshire, after more than twenty years of widowhood. Bibliographic Citation link.
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