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Emma Tennant has written in many genres during the later twentieth century and into the twenty-first, and often blended one genre with another. At first a novelist (who later became a specialist in the creative revisiting of works by earlier writers, and later in sequels to Jane Austen), she has founded and edited a literary magazine, and also published children's books, works on travel, rag rugs, and cookery, and impressionistic biography. She has been best known for feminist satirical novels, and for her fictionalized memoirs of her family.
20 October 1937 ET was born in London into a family of siblings and half-siblings from more than one marriage. Bibliographic Citation link.
1964 ET published her first novel, The Colour of Rain, under the pseudonym of 'Catherine Aydy'. Bibliographic Citation link.
2001 ET published what one critic described as a kind of soap-opera biography or literary thriller about Sylvia Plath, Ted Hughes, and Assia Wevill, The Ballad of Sylvia and Ted. Bibliographic Citation link.
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