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The fiction of Edith Templeton, novelist, short-story writer, and travel writer, acquired a high reputation for its force and distinctive style and tone, and notoriety for a degree of sexual explicitness rare in serious women writers. Best known from the 1950s onwards for her early novels set in her native Bohemia, she was rediscovered for her erotic writings at the end of the twentieth century, but rapidly forgotten again. Her death in 2006 went unnoticed by the English-speaking press.
7 April 1916 Edith Pole (later ET) was born in Prague, which was then in Bohemia and is now in the Czech Republic. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 1966 ET pseudonymously issued Gordon, her erotic novel or memoir, under the name of 'Louise Walbrook' (which is similar to the name of the protagonist, Louisa). Bibliographic Citation link.
24 May 1993 ET published the short story "Irresistibly" in the New Yorker. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 2006 ET died. As a blog entitled Jahsonic remarked: "Nobody seems to have noticed"—even though reissues of her work had been much in the news only three years before. Bibliographic Citation link.
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