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A committed proponent of female economic independence, Mary Taylor was the author of some twenty articles on this and other feminist topics for Emily Faithfull's Victoria Magazine during the 1860s and 1870s. Many of these polemic essays were reprinted in volume form in The First Duty of Women in 1870. The issue of women's work was also central to Taylor's only novel—a text she took more than forty years to write: Miss Miles (1890). In addition, Mary Taylor collaborated with four other women to write a Swiss travel memoir in 1875.
26 February 1817 MT was born at Gomersal in Yorkshire. Bibliographic Citation link.
1865-1877 MT published more than twenty articles, primarily addressing issues surrounding women, work, and economic independence, in Emily Faithfull's Victoria Magazine. Bibliographic Citation link.
1 March 1893 MT died at her house, High Royd in Gomersal, of a stroke. Bibliographic Citation link.
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