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Catherine Talbot was a member of the eighteenth-century Bluestocking group. Most remarkable among her poetry and prose (essays and other non-fiction pieces, a fairy story and letters) are the poems of love and loss which have been only recently rediscovered.
21 May 1721 CT was born, a posthumous and only child. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 1731 It seems that by the age of ten CT was writing verses which got handed round in society; an unnamed lady said in 1745 that she had seen some of them at Bath fourteen years before. Bibliographic Citation link.
9 January 1770 CT died of cancer in London, at ten p.m., having been out of bed until shortly beforehand and "after the struggle of scarcely a minute." Bibliographic Citation link.
By June 1770 Elizabeth Carter posthumously and anonymously published the first volume by CT to see the light: Reflections on the Seven Days of the Week. Bibliographic Citation link.
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