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Alice Sutcliffe was an early seventeenth-century religious writer in prose (meditations, a more private form of sermons) and poetry who, unusually for her rank and gender, allowed her work to be printed bearing her own name (and her husband's).
Since she was married by 1624 and was said to be young at the time her book was printed, it is probable that Alice Woodhouse (later AS) was born during the first decade of the seventeenth century. Bibliographic Citation link.
Very little is known about her life in general.
30 January 1633 AS's Meditations of Man's Mortality, or, A Way to True Blessednesse was entered in the Stationers' Register. Its first edition, of which no copy survives, may have appeared that year or the next. Bibliographic Citation link.
Scholars still have no idea where AS died, or when. It could have been any time after the publication of her book. Bibliographic Citation link.
1634 Meditations of Man's Mortality, or, A Way to True Blessednesse by "Mrs. Alice Sutcliffe wife of John Sutcliffe Esquire, Groome of his Majesties most Honourable Privie Chamber" was published by Henry Seyle of London in a second, 'enlarged' edition with this date on its title-page. Bibliographic Citation link.
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