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Leah Sumbel, an actress of the later eighteenth century, became a remarkable memoirist as well as a journalist and a dabbler in writing for the stage. Her account of her life may be grouped with courtesan-memoirs or with theatrical memoirs.
16 December 1762 Mary Stephens Davies (who later acted as Mary Wells and later again as a memoirist called herself LS) was born in Birmingham. Bibliographic Citation link.
15 April 1785 The Fool, a farce by Edward Topham, lover of Mary Wells (later LS), had some help from her in its writing. Bibliographic Citation link.
August 1792 Mary Wells (later LS), at Brighton, publicly announced her intention of publishing her Memoirs, by subscription, in four volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 1799 LS, divorced from her second husband, was working seriously on the account which became her Memoirs. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1811 LS published her scandalous Memoirs of the Life of Mrs. Sumbel, late Wells . . . Written by Herself. Including Her Correspondence with Major Topham, Mr. Reynolds, &c ., a life-story dedicated to her grandchildren and her brother-in-law. Bibliographic Citation link.
1812 LS was granted a licence for a play and entertainment (not identified) to be performed at the Haymarket. Nothing more, however, was heard of it. Bibliographic Citation link.
23 January 1829 LS died in London, in her sixties. Bibliographic Citation link.
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