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Maud Sulter was a Black British poet, journalist, artist and political activist; she often produced visual and written works in linked pairs. In her poetry, her photographs, her artworks, and her essays, novel, and play, she continued to challenge imprisoning labels of colour and gender, to celebrate love and desire, and to expose oppressions which are perpetrated in private. As critic Lucinda Roy comments, "in Sulter's work the Body Personal is not a thing distinct from the Body Politic." Bibliographic Citation link. Her poetry and prose appeared in many journals and anthologies, and she gave numerous readings and seminars internationally.
19 September 1960 MS was born at the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland. Bibliographic Citation link.
Spring 1984 MS attended a writing week for Black people at the Arvon Foundation in Yorkshire (with poet Grace Nichols and playwright Caryl Phillips as resident writers), and was encouraged to publish her poem "As a Blackwoman". Bibliographic Citation link.
1984 MS entered her poem "As a Blackwoman" in the Black Penmanship Awards competition (noting the 'man' in the title), and won the Vera Bell Prize. Bibliographic Citation link.
June 1985 MS's first collection of poems, titled As a Blackwoman after the single most important piece, and dedicated to her grandfather, was published by Akira Press. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 February 2008 MS succumbed to cancer at the age of forty-seven after a long struggle against the disease. She was then living in Dumfries. Bibliographic Citation link.
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