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Elizabeth Strickland published her earliest children's book under her name, though her periodical editing was anonymous. But although a number of women writers in various generations have chosen anonymity or obscurity, she is extraordinary in seeking to remain hidden when volumes of hers were appearing to great acclaim with her younger sister's name on them. She was content to work in collaboration with Agnes on these works of historical biography, scholarship, and editing, and to see the credit going entirely to Agnes. Even in the early twenty-first century the British Library Catalogue did not list most of her collaborative works under her name.
17 November 1794 ES was born, the eldest among two brothers and six sisters (of whom all the sisters but one became published writers). Bibliographic Citation link.
1819 The year after she moved to London, ES published her first book: Disobedience; or, Mind What Mamma Says, a slim volume written for children, giving her name as 'Miss Elizabeth Strickland'. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
By 15 February 1840 Publication began of ES's best-known work, a twelve-volume collaborative study with her sister Agnes which bore Agnes's name only: Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest.  Bibliographic Citation link.
April 1848 The final volume appeared of ES's best-known work (produced jointly with her sister Agnes but bearing Agnes's name alone): the twelve-volume Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest. Bibliographic Citation link.
30 April 1875 ES died; her death followed the year after that of her sister Agnes. Bibliographic Citation link.
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