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Agnes Strickland, writing in the middle nineteenth century, won renown as a historian and biographer, particularly of the British royal family and particularly of its female members. In fact all of these books were co-authored by her sister Elizabeth, who, however, preferred that their books should appear in Agnes's name alone. Agnes Strickland also wrote poetry, songs, children's books, and novels. scholarly note link.
19 August 1796 AS was born on the Kentish outskirts of London, the second surviving (though she called herself the third) in a family which grew to comprise six sisters and two brothers. Bibliographic Citation link.
1827 AS published The Seven Ages of Woman, and Other Poems. Bibliographic Citation link.
Early 1840-1848 The most famous of AS's works appeared in twelve successive volumes: Lives of the Queens of England, from the Norman Conquest, co-written with her sister Elizabeth but bearing her name alone. The first volume was published by 12 February 1840. Bibliographic Citation link.
13 July 1874 AS died some time after suffering a fall and a stroke; her sister Elizabeth survived until the following year. Bibliographic Citation link.
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