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Marie Stopes was best known for her early-twentieth-century writing on motherhood and birth control, and for her strong commitment to educating women in the practice of contraception. In order to communicate detailed instructions on topics that were taboo, she often employed a literary style that may now seem over-mystical or lyrical. She published widely, writing in various disciplines such as science, sexology, philosophy and theology, in a number of literary genres such as drama, autobiography, poetry, and the novel, and on a wide range of topics, including censorship, love, and marriage.
15 October 1880 MS was born in Edinburgh, the elder daughter in her family. Bibliographic Citation link.
26 March 1918 MS published the first of her ground-breaking treatments of female sexuality, Married Love. Bibliographic Citation link.
By November 1949 MS published the final book of her lifetime: We Burn: Selected Poems, with a portrait frontispiece and twelve illustrations by Gregorio Prieto. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 October 1958 MS died of breast cancer at Norbury Park in Surrey. Bibliographic Citation link.
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