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Elizabeth Stone published several novels during the 1840s and 50s, including early 'Condition of England' novels. She continued to publish in her other chosen genres (social history and religious books) for another two decades. Despite her contribution to an emerging genre that became a defining feature of the nineteenth-century literary landscape, her work has received minimal scholarly attention. Many of the plot elements and motifs in Elizabeth Stone's sometimes awkward novels were mirrored in the fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell. scholarly note link.
25 April 1803 ES was christened on this date in Manchester, in the cathedral there. Bibliographic Citation link.
By 1 October 1842 Elizabeth Stone published William Langshawe, the Cotton Lord, which is one of the earliest industrial novels. Bibliographic Citation link.
1873 ES (not 'Sutherland Menzies' but the author of William Langshawe) issued, again at Worthing in Sussex, her final publication, a book of verse entitled Three Incidents, Strictly True. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1881 ES was still alive at the time of the British census this year, but she was probably the seventy-eight-year-old woman of this name who died that September at East Preston in Sussex, close to where she had been living. Bibliographic Citation link.
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