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Elizabeth Stirredge was one of the best-known Quaker pamphleteers and religious autobiographers of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century. She was also known in her own localities as an outstanding preacher.
1634 Elizabeth Tayler or Taylor (later ES) was born at Thornbury in Gloucestershire. Bibliographic Citation link.
November 1670 ES personally placed in the king's hands a one-paragraph testimony beginning "This is unto thee, O King." It was apparently her first venture into writing for print. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
13 February 1692 ES finished writing for her children the account of her life which was published after her death as Strength in Weakness Manifest. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
Probably 7 November 1706 ES, now a widow, died at Hemel Hempstead in Hertfordshire. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
1711 ES's autobiography, Strength in Weakness Manifest, was posthumously published by the Quaker printer Tace Sowle. Bibliographic Citation link.
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