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Mary Stewart, who began publishing in the mid 1950s, won great success as an author of popular romance thrillers (a genre whose invention her Guardian obituary chalks up to her) Bibliographic Citation link. and of Arthurian historical novels. She also wrote for children. The suspense books of her early and mid career are mostly set against the beautiful backdrop of some tourist destination, and a sense of place is brilliantly conveyed.
17 September 1916 Mary Florence Elinor Rainbow (later MS) was born at Sunderland in County Durham, one of a family of three children.  Bibliographic Citation link.
1964 MS set her novel This Rough Magic on the Greek island of Corfu. Bibliographic Citation link.
By late July 1970 MS published The Crystal Cave, the first of her Merlin series of three historical novels and of a total of five Arthurian books. Bibliographic Citation link.
5 June 1997 MS's final book, another romantic suspense novel entitled Rose Cottage, shared some of its preoccupations with Thornyhold. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 2014 MS died at the age of ninety-seven after nearly thirteen years as a widow. Bibliographic Citation link.
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