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Mariana Starke had several distinct authorial careers. She is best known as a late eighteenth-century dramatist writing about colonial India, and as an early nineteenth-century travel-writer producing practical guides to Europe. Her career as a translator spanned both centuries, and in its later phase was accompanied by original poetry in the form of sonnets.
Last week of September 1762 MS was born at Epsom in Surrey, the second, but the first surviving, of her parents' children. Bibliographic Citation link.
By May 1787 A version of children's plays by Stéphanie-Félicité de Genlis, The Theatre of Education. A New Translation from the French, appears to be the anonymous work of MS and the little-known Millecent Thomas (formerly Parkhurst). Bibliographic Citation link.
9 August 1788 MS's first original play, The Sword of Peace; or, A Voyage of Love, a prose comedy in five acts, opened at the Haymarket Theatre. Bibliographic Citation link.
Spring 1838 MS died in Milan, on her way home to England from Naples on yet another journey undertaken at the age of about seventy-six to research a new guidebook. Bibliographic Citation link.
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