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Anne, Lady Southwell, who lived in the later-sixteenth and earlier-seventeenth centuries in England and in Protestant, colonial Ireland, left a commonplace-book containing a collection of her own remarkable poems as well as a few letters, aphorisms, poems by others, financial records, and inventories. At least one prose piece and a couple of poems survive elsewhere. Southwell used writing instrumentally, to maintain her contacts and further her husbands' careers; she also used poetry to work through her religious feelings and philosophical positions, and clearly dreamed of poetic fame or at least recognition.
Before 22 August 1574 Anne Harris (later ALS) was born at Cornworthy Priory in Devon, the eldest in a family of four. This was the day of her baptism in Cornworthy church. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 December 1626 This date heads "The workes of the Lady Ann Sothwell", which stands first in ALS's so-called commonplace-book, the collection assembled by herself and her second husband, of poems (by her and others), letters, maxims, and notes, primarily religious in tone. Bibliographic Citation link.
2 October 1636 ALS died at her home in Acton, aged sixty-two, leaving her second husband to mourn her. Bibliographic Citation link.
1997 ALS's 'commonplace-book' was edited by Jean Klene for the Renaissance English Text Society as The Southwell-Sibthorpe Commonplace Book. Folger MS. V.b.198. Bibliographic Citation link.
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