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Ethel Sidgwick wrote early twentieth-century novels of which the earlier ones are ambitious and highly literary, the later ones in general longer and more romantic in tone, set within the confines and structure of the family. In examining love, or self-fashioning, or 'genius', she continues to highlight family and class responsibility and obligation. She also wrote plays for children (three published collections) and a biography of her aunt who was Principal of Newnham College, Cambridge. In 1923 Ethel Sidgwick collaborated on the translation of a history of France.
20 December 1877 ES was born in Rugby, Warwickshire. She was the second child in her family of five. Bibliographic Citation link.
1909 ES's first play for children (based on a famous Victorian story), "Thackeray's Rose and the Ring, Dramatised in two acts", appeared in the anthology Plays for Schools, from her brother's firm Sidgwick and Jackson. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1938 ES's Mrs. Henry Sidgwick: A Memoir, appeared two years after its subject's death. Eleanor Mildred Sidgwick, née Balfour (1845-1936) had been President of Newnham College, Cambridge, from 1892 to 1910. Bibliographic Citation link.
29 April 1970 ES died at several years past ninety. Bibliographic Citation link.
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