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Through her work as model and muse, Elizabeth Siddal has been firmly ensconced as an icon of Pre-Raphaelitism. However, recent feminist reassessments of her visual art and poetry are reclaiming her as artistic subject rather than object. Jan Marsh writes in the catalogue to a 1991 exhibition of Elizabeth Siddal's work at Sheffield's Ruskin Gallery, "her artistic oeuvre is small both in size and range. But it was original, serious-minded and modestly successful, and deserves to be accorded a small but significant place in the history of Pre-Raphaelite art." Bibliographic Citation link.
25 July 1829 ES was born, the third of seven children in her London family. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 February 1862 ES died of a large overdose of laudanum. This was officially deemed an accident, but was likely suicide, as suggested by a note which Dante Gabriel Rossetti suppressed; she had been pregnant again, and unwell. Bibliographic Citation link.
1866 Dante Gabriel Rossetti collected ES's extant drawings and sketches and had them photographed and put into folios as a memorial for friends. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
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