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This obscure author, whose full name remains unknown, published at least four works at and just beyond the end of the eighteenth century. All her work, novels and shorter tales, either makes the claim to be translated from German or French, or is set in continental Europe. Her work is unpolished, with creaking, over-complex plots, large casts of characters, and melodramatic detail. But Mrs Showes is of interest because she chooses, with some consistency, to write about issues which are both central and difficult in women's lives: of problems in marriage, pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood. She strikingly anticipates particular elements in the work of more than one Victorian woman writer.
The date of MS's birth is unknown, but it was probably some times around the early 1770s.
1797 According to the statement on a later title page, MS published anonymously this year a work entitled Interesting Tales, translated from German. Bibliographic Citation link.
She must in all likelihood have died some time after 1805 or early 1806, the time of what is probably her latest identified publication.
By January 1806 MS published what seems to be her final work, a German translation, Domestic Scenes. Again she identifies herself by earlier titles, as 'the author of Agnes de Lilien, Statira, Restless Matron'. Bibliographic Citation link.
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