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Emily Shirreff lived and wrote during the mid-nineteenth century. She was a keen educationalist, and many of her writings were essays, tracts, and pamphlets in which she argued the need for an improved education system. These and her other writings were frequently produced as collaborations with her sister Maria Grey. As well as more than ten works about education, Emily Shirreff and her sister also composed a collection of travel letters and a novel. Finally, Emily Shirreff also worked for periodical publications, both as an editor and as a contributor.
3 November 1814 ES was born, the second in a family that totalled six children. Bibliographic Citation link.
1835 ES published Letters from Spain and Barbary, written in collaboration with her sister Maria (later Maria Grey). Bibliographic Citation link.
By 5 June 1858 ES published her lengthy essay Intellectual Education and Its Influence on the Character and Happiness of Women. Bibliographic Citation link.
20 March 1897 ES died in her home at 41 Stanhope Gardens, Queen's Gate, London, where she and her sister Maria had lived since 1884. Bibliographic Citation link.
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