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Mary Martha Sherwood "wrote and signed" more than 350 books (mostly for children, but including several adult novels), and left "almost a score" of fat volumes of diary. Some of her children's books, despite their uncompromisingly hell-fire message, remained current for several generations and were vividly remembered by many impressionable children, some of whom grew up to be writers. Her former high repute as a children's writer is at least as well deserved for her autobiography and diary, and her biographer Naomi Royde-Smith seriously admired some of her novels. Bibliographic Citation link. She also wrote poems. The British Library lacks many of her books; the holdings of Cambridge University Library and the Bodleian are better.
6 May 1775 Mary Martha Butt (later MMS) was born at the rectory in Stanford in Worcestershire. Bibliographic Citation link.
1818 MMS published volume one of her most famous children's books, The History of the Fairchild Family. In this early form, she uncompromisingly presents the doctrine of universal depravity. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 November 1848 MMS issued her last book, The Golden Garland of Inestimable Delights, jointly with her daughter Sophia Streeten, later Kelly. It is a novel for children. Bibliographic Citation link.
22 September 1851 MMS died at Twickenham near London, two years after her husband. Bibliographic Citation link.
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