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Jane Sharp, who published in 1671, stands in a line of militant midwife-writers, close to Elizabeth Cellier before her and followed after a longer lapse of time by Elizabeth Nihell. Like theirs, her text is proto-feminist.
From what she says about her career, JS must have been born before about 1620. Bibliographic Citation link.
May 1671 JS's textbook The Midwives Book; or, The Whole Art of Midwifery Discovered . . . was entered in the Term Catalogues. It was published that year, dedicated to the "Celebrated Midwives of Great Britain and Ireland," whom Sharp calls her sisters. Bibliographic Citation link.
The date of JS's death is not known: it was presumably some time after 1671 when her book was first published. Bibliographic Citation link.
1725 A fourth, heavily revised edition of JS's textbook of 1671 appeared, as The Complete Midwife's Companion, with her name on the title-page. Bibliographic Citation link.
September 1728 A new edition of The Midwives Book, JS's textbook of 1671, was reported. Bibliographic Citation link.
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