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Caroline Scott published three anonymous novels over a span of almost thirty years, beginning under the patronage of her novelist cousin Lady Charlotte Bury. Meanwhile she had become an Evangelical Christian, who put her fervent belief into her final novel, and went on to books of direct religious instruction, published under her name. The first, a work of theology, appeared during her lifetime, and the other two, of instructional acrostics for children, after her death.
16 February 1784 Caroline Lucy Douglas (later CS) was born in Stratford Place, London, into a titled family which had been immensely controversial twenty years before her birth. She was her parents' eldest child. Bibliographic Citation link.
By July 1828 CS published her first, anonymous novel, A Marriage in High Life, which was billed as edited by 'the authoress of Flirtation'—meaning Scott's cousin the successful novelist Lady Charlotte Bury. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
19 April 1857 CS died at a little over seventy, at Petersham in Surrey. Bibliographic Citation link.
1860 A book of Bible-based pedagogy by Caroline Scott appeared posthumously, with her name: Incentives to Bible Study. Scripture Acrostics. A Sabbath Pastime for Young Persons. Bibliographic Citation link.
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