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Carol Rumens is a leading poet of the later twentieth century and beyond. As well as a dozen poetry volumes she has published a novel, short stories, plays, translations, and reviews of literature and music. She has also edited poems and anthologies. Her poems deal often with issues of place, belonging, and displacement, with natural and human-made environments both beautiful and degraded, with women's experience of every kind (especially the insouciant courage of young women confronting a dangerous and unfair world), and with a personal past set against a politically threatened future.
10 December 1944 Carol-Ann Lumley (later CR) was born in Forest Hill in Southeast London. Bibliographic Citation link.
March 1985 CR edited Making for the Open: The Chatto Book of Post-Feminist Poetry, 1964-1984. Its selection from fifty-six women poets is accompanied by a short but fighting introduction to match the controversy of the book's title. Bibliographic Citation link.
December 2004 CR published a magisterial selected volume containing all the poetry she "wishes to reprint from her previous books and pamphlets": Poems 1968-2004, dedicated to her daughters. Bibliographic Citation link.
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