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It is widely suspected that Martin Ross may have been the dominant partner, the chief creative spirit, in the partnership of Somerville and Ross which occupied the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries (though the opposite view has also been argued). Their most memorable works—an important novel and a collection of classic comic stories set in the west of Ireland and centred on fox-hunting, as well as other endearing Irish sketches and travel writings—were completed before her death, and Somerville's publications after Ross died are permeated with an elegiac tone. They themselves poured scorn on their public's desire to teize apart the individual strands in their collaboration. Bibliographic Citation link.
11 June 1862 Violet Florence Martin (who later called herself MR) was born at Ross House, Oughterard, County Galway, on a site where the family had formerly owned a castle. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 June 1875 Violet Martin (later MR) began writing the diary which she continued until her death, by which time it totalled forty volumes. Bibliographic Citation link.
27 February 1886 Violet Martin (later MR) made her first diary mention of her recently-met cousin and later collaborator, Edith Somerville, who was painting her portrait. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1889 Richard Bentley commissioned MR and Edith Somerville for a three-volume novel, which becameThe Real Charlotte. Bibliographic Citation link.
4 February 1893 Edith Somerville and MR finished writing their novel The Real Charlotte, which first brought them public success. Bibliographic Citation link.
8 May 1894 Edith Somerville and MR published, with Ward and Downey, their most popular novel, The Real Charlotte. Bibliographic Citation link.
19 July 1898 MR and Edith Somerville, staying at Etaples in France, began work on the stories which became Some Experiences of an Irish R. M. Bibliographic Citation link.
October 1899 Edith Somerville and MR published the book for which they were and are most famous: Some Experiences of an Irish R. M., illustrated by Somerville herself. Bibliographic Citation link.
21 December 1915 MR died at Drishane from a brain tumour: possibly the result of a displacement of her spine caused by her hunting fall in November 1898. Bibliographic Citation link.
7 February 1948 Edith Somerville, rising ninety, received the news that Oxford University Press was reprinting The Real Charlotte (by herself and MR) in the World's Classics series. Bibliographic Citation link.
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