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Regina Maria Roche had great success as a popular Irish novelist and leading Minerva Press author, using her own name and often listing her previous titles. She also published a couple of novellas, though most of the novellas attributed to her are probably not hers. She first appeared in print in 1789, but reached her highest rate of productivity in the 1820s under pressure of financial troubles.
Regina Maria Roche writes emotionally-charged stories in which heroines are unjustly persecuted (often by unworthy mother-figures and other villainous women), and sensational incidents, mistaken identity, deep-laid plots, and gothic settings abound. But real issues relating to women's lives, and to the state of Ireland, are also addressed, albeit in overblown form.
1763 or 1764 Regina Maria Dalton (later RMR) was born in Waterford, Ireland. Bibliographic Citation link.  scholarly note link.
4 June 1796 Advertisements appeared for RMR's recently-published novel The Children of the Abbey, A Tale, her first Minerva Press work and her greatest success. Bibliographic Citation link.
18-21 February 1798 An extract from RMR's The Children of the Abbey appeared in The Time Piece, New York, to publicize the forthcoming American edition. Bibliographic Citation link.
1836 RMR published through A. K. Newman her final, belated novel, The Nun's Picture, A Tale. Bibliographic Citation link.
17 March 1845 RMR died at her house in The Mall in Waterford. The Chronicle and Munster Advertiser of 19 March reported this, giving her age as eighty-nine. Bibliographic Citation link.
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