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F. Mabel Robinson published six novels during the 1880s and 1890s that are daring both in subject-matter and handling, broaching such topics as women's status, seduction, and illegitimacy. She also produced a political history of Ireland and translations from French. In 1890 she was regarded as one of the "leading authors of the day," Bibliographic Citation link. but her reputation has worn less well than that of her sister.
16 June 1858 FMR was born at Milverton near Leamington in Warwickshire, the younger of two daughters. Bibliographic Citation link.
1885 FMR published the first of her six novels, Mr. Butler's Ward. Bibliographic Citation link.
1888 FMR published another novel, entitled The Plan of Campaign, A Story of the Fortune of War. Bibliographic Citation link.
1895 FMR's final novel, Chimæra, relates the life of Joseph Treganna (illegitimate son of a woman who was respectable until her seduction by a baronet). Bibliographic Citation link.
1956 FMR died in Paris only a couple of years short of her one hundredth birthday, having outlived her sister by twelve years. Bibliographic Citation link.
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